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Miscellany 11

This is my final round up of Warsaw odds and ends.     Advertisements

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Explosive Exploration of the Denakil

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Originally posted on Raïsa Mirza:
The Denakil Depression in North Eastern Ethiopia is one of the hottest places in the world. It is also a hotspot of geological activity where three tectonic plates are pushing against each other forming…

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A family excursion to Kraków 

A mixed bag of blood relations – uncle, son, cousins, daughter, grandmother, mother, grandchildren, adding up to a total of six – made its way to Kraków, through a snowy rural landscape. Kraków was bleak and grey after rain: it … Continue reading

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On the Jewish street, 1918 -1939

As I walk around  Gallery 6 of the Museum of the history of Polish Jews, I realise that I know very little of what life was like for Jews in Poland between 1918 and 1939. I know that as the … Continue reading

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Miscellanea 5

This is a collage that turns into a slide show when you click on an image, not one of my static collages!

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Autumn comes … autumn leaves

Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf’s a flower.  Albert Camus This is my second  – or is it third? – Warsaw autumn. It doesn’t arrive with the calendar autumn and it seems to me to arrive slowly. I … Continue reading

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Life in the midst of beauty 2

This is an addendum to the previous post. I spent a long time creating and labelling a tiled mosaic which went rogue when I inserted it in the longer post. Because I can’t bear waste, I include it here. Click … Continue reading

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Zalipie. Paint Me a Meadow / Namaluj mi łąkę

I’ve been following this blog for a long time. But the blogger has been in Morocco offering many off-the-beaten-track glimpses of that country.. This is a rare Polish post. I’d love to visit the village, but I probably won’t, and … Continue reading

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Black and white … Tuesday

Paula has tempted me again. Her black and white Sunday theme is from above. I’m not very high up, just in my first floor apartment, watching a procession marking the 72nd anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.

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5th month in Warsaw (July 4th – August 1st)

Another month has galloped past. I have now been in Warsaw for the longest stretch ever, and at last I’ve experienced hankerings for home. We’ve had a fair amount of summer, interspersed with too many cool days, at least for … Continue reading

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