Family: black and white and colour

It’s been a family month: a granddaughter and a son (her uncle) both decided independently to come to Poland and they were here simultaneously. And then of course there are Maja and Jaś, the reason why we’re all here at all. So here’s a family gallery in response to Paula’s after and before challenge, although my pairings are a mix of after and before, and before and after.

My Australian granddaughter getting her first taste of alps (and snowboarding) at Zakopane

My son at the airport, anticipating the 30 hours of flying that will take him back to his dog and the surf 

My Polish granddaughter reacting to a gigantic fairy floss in the only appropriate way

My Polish grandson suffering from “my legs are sore” at Zakopane

About morselsandscraps

A retired Australian who spends a lot of time in Warsaw, and blogs as a way of life.
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23 Responses to Family: black and white and colour

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  2. Paula says:

    These are precious, Meg 🙂 I love them, Thank you for this lovely surprise.


  3. Heyjude says:

    You’re not going to make me choose I hope? Actually I love the colour one of your granddaughter, all those soft blues and white. A beautiful portrait. Son arrived home yet?


  4. Loved the new gallery meg. Thanks, heaps. Love you all, Uncle, Great Uncle, Bro in Law, Geoff.

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  5. Love all of the photos, but the ones of your Polish granddaughter’s face are priceless! What an expression! It reminded me how pure a child’s joy and excitement is about things like that.


  6. Yep love all the photos again and again.


  7. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Beautiful and fun photos Meg. I can imagine Jas feeling sorry for his self having achy snow legs and Maja’s face is priceless. Have a good week my dear 🙂


  8. desleyjane says:

    These are so lovely. Such a sweet family and I love the comparison.

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  9. So looking forward to seeing the kidlets again when they come over to Aussie for a visit. We have been fortunate to see them a couple of times right here at our place. Just wish we were more able to reciprocate and make the trip to them. Thanks Mum and Dad.


  10. restlessjo says:

    The twinlets win 🙂 🙂

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