every sign has a story

For another take on the Neon Museum, here’s Viveka’s post. She was the one who discovered that it existed, and she provides technical information, as well as a flurry of photos with a slight edge of the delicious quirkiness that is one of her hallmarks. My meeting with blogging sisters (her term) was a rich one.


tramsDuring our stay in Warsaw I wanted to come away from all the “heavy” history that the city carries so proudly and when looking from the little tourist guide that I found in my hotel room, my eyes went more or less directly to The Neon Muzeum and my travel mate, Sue … was in all in favor for it.

Because it was going to be another hot day .. over +30C … direct tram 22 and only 6 min walk from the stop.museum 2

The Neon Muzeum is permanently based in Soho Factory, Praga on Ul. Minska 25 / Building 55 , a creative and trendy area of Praga. What I understand from their website did they have over 18,000 visitors in one single night, it was during the European Museum Nights in 2015. Record breaking!!!!

The driving forces behind the museum are the sole creators and directors, David Hill and Ilona Karwinska. In 2005 they…

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A retired Australian who spends a lot of time in Warsaw, and blogs as a way of life.
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  1. viveka says:

    Thanks for linking up with my world, Meg … an honor. Very happy over to being a part of your Warsaw.


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