life is the only thing …..

I’m very lucky to be able to share another person’s perceptions of Warsaw, so my readers can see it through eyes other than mine. And such eyes! There is no one quite like Viveka for seeing things differently. I was so lucky to share Warsaw time with her.


cemetery gateI have now visited the Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw twice, last year was it a grey and drizzly day. This time, it was a fantastic sunny and hot day. The tall trees gave a wonderful shade and to see how the sun beams spread light over the deep resting gravestones was so enormously mightily… the greenery so soft and embossing.give shade

Both my visits has given me such remarkable inner peace and quietness … without a doubt my favorite place in Warsaw. Just like the Hiroshima Memorial Park did .. it just embraces me and it feels comfortable to be there. I don’t really feel any sadness, it more a feeling of great relief from everything else and it’s so beautiful in it’s tragedy.    cemetery 3

Plenty birds, but there are very few flowers.

The Warsaw Jewish Cemetery is one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in Europe and in the world. Located on Warsaw’s Okopowa…

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A retired Australian who spends a lot of time in Warsaw, and blogs as a way of life.
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6 Responses to life is the only thing …..

  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Viveka speaks of not feeling sadness, and you?


    • I’ve only been there once, in 2012, on a cold bleak November day, when I was struggling a bit with Warsaw, and was under attack from a Warsaw germ. My son-in-law took me and he was still a new acquaintance, and I struggled with “appropriate response”. Yes. It was extraordinarily sad, but the setting was as Viveka says, peaceful. The saddest thing was M’s comment as we caught the bus home “There are only a few Jews left in Warsaw. We are a lot poorer for their loss.”

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  2. restlessjo says:

    I came here seeking solace this morning, Meg. I missed this one of Viveka’s so thanks for sharing. I shall go there next and check on her plans for Turkey/Kosovo this week. Extraordinary, isn’t she? 🙂 🙂
    I’ve made the sad discovery that a blogging friend, Viv in France, has died. I went ‘visiting’ to hers yesterday and her daughter Sally had posted funeral details. She died over here, with family, and I think the death was sudden but don’t know the full details. If I’m brave enough I’ll attend the funeral for her in Newcastle tomorrow. We met once, in Northumbeland, a few years ago. And though elderly and in indifferent health, she was ‘full of life’.


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