Warsaw summer

A summer in the city. A strange thing for this woman who lives in a small village surrounded by bush and ocean. Strange too, not to be worrying about bushfires if there’s a hot day or a howling wind. 

Here on the other side of the world, the summer pleasures are many: garden flowers, vegetable stalls, and the fruit and berries evolving on now familiar northern hemisphere trees in Park Morskie Oko. Some days the air is full of flower dust and the smell of lime blossom.

Bikini-clad bodies set themselves up for the day in the grassy areas of the parks, slathering on sunscreen and pulling out holiday reading. I can work up a sweat coming back from a morning shop but I can also retreat into the intermittent deep shade and feel the thermometer dropping at least 5°, not respite I experience under the straggly shade of eucalypts on the headland at Potato Point. 

A glorious week with three year olds, in playgrounds, fountains, apartments and at the zoo, leaves me fatigued and ready for a brief calming foray back into the blogosphere to celebrate summer.

About morselsandscraps

A retired Australian who spends a lot of time in Warsaw, and blogs as a way of life.
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22 Responses to Warsaw summer

  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    It’s lovely to see you and the treasures you’ve brought with you 🙂


  2. Heyjude says:

    Wonderful observations of the natural world. Wish we had some of your heat!


  3. restlessjo says:

    And old friends sit in ice cream parlours humouring son and husband. Hugs xx


  4. Sue says:

    Great to see you back in the blogosphere, Meg…I’ve missed your posts! What a lovely set of images. BTW, I have posted some Warsaw images today


  5. Beautywhizz says:

    Beautiful photo selection, love the hollyhocks.


  6. Rosemary Barnard says:

    Trouble is, you spoil us with this cornucopia of posts, so that when you are away for a short time we miss you very much indeed. Welcome back, for a short time, and make the most of ambivalence.


  7. pommepal says:

    Good to see you back, briefly Meg. Summer in the city has the tune running around my mind, one of my favourites. What a colourful place and as you say, so different to Potato Point.

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