An evening stroll 

My strategy in a strange place? Divide the long summer day into three, with rests between each segment. That way I remain alert and delightable. After two wet walks – my hostel room is  draped with drying clothes – I ramble on a dry evening, along streets a few back from the waterfront. Here there are some modern buildings, designed with reference to the shape of older constructions, and some quite charmless older buildings. The pace is a lot less frenetic, and more local: a kid on a bike with huge tyres; people walking their dogs: older couples, unencumbered by backpacks and cameras, sitting on benches in a park. 

As I approach ul Mariacka, street of gargoyles, I look up and see the tower I walked up this morning. That’s where I was, in the dark grey hexagon with the green windows just below the spires.

I walk along ul Mariacka towards St Mary’s church, a Gothic building which can hold 25 000 people, pausing to notice an old building I failed to see under gargoyle enchantment yesterday.

I arrive in a square inhabited by a fountain and four lions, against a glorious background of deep apricot and green.

 I encounter a few  eye-catching buildings and buy myself some orange juice and a bun to end my second Gdańsk day.

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A retired Australian who spends a lot of time in Warsaw, and blogs as a way of life.
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21 Responses to An evening stroll 

  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    These Polish cities are a paradise for lovers of detail Meg, I’d be in heaven there. Every ten years I have a few days break with two school friends to mark a special birthday and last year I suggested Krakow but it was rejected, one wasn’t very interested and the other didn’t get it at all, and we went to Barcelona. Then last week, the more open minded one said her daughter had just been. it was fantastic and could we please go there for our 65th (we aren’t waiting for our 70th) it was a real ‘I told you so’ moment!

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  2. Sue says:

    The more I see of Gdansk through your eyes, the more I want to see the place! Some great details that you picked out here for us, Meg!

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  3. Becky B says:

    Stunning, simply stunning . . .and love your cunning plan for splitting up the day.

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  4. Rosemary Barnard says:

    These photos are superb. So much to love, including the wedding couple, the Gothic facades in brickwork, the green door with interesting handle….So much, too, reminds of buildings in other European cities. I know that I would enjoy this place, but not in summer. Like you, I cannot cope with crowds.

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    • You know what? I didn’t see the wedding couple till I looked through the photos. How observant is that? I’m glad you share my love for this place. Crowds really get in the way, but I managed to avoid them a surprising lot of the time. They didn’t seem to frequent museums, early mornings, evening backstreets or 10 am ferries!


  5. lorigreer says:

    Another beautiful city to add to my travel list. Wonderful photos. Love seeing the sites with you!


  6. desleyjane says:

    Well my apartment is draped in drying clothes too thanks to the rain we’ve been having. Hopefully they’re all dry today. Wow that tower – nice work getting to the top and shooting from there. I remember the post – you said there was a ladder for the last little bit? What a great city!


  7. restlessjo says:

    You found Narnia in a Gdansk square! Only you could do that 🙂 Hugs darlin. Hope all’s well in Warsaw and not too very hot.


    • It would have been so good to have your company, and to see what you saw. I’ll just have to put up with the virtual version. Three more posts before I move on – Sue and Viveka today an tomorrow if my map skills allow me to find their hotel! Hope the week’s being generous to you.


  8. Heyjude says:

    Looks a lot like Prague and I adore your lying lions – loving these posts.


  9. Madhu says:

    I like ‘delightable’ 🙂 Brilliant shot of the tower Meg…..who would have thought Gdansk was this beautiful? You have blown my mental image of a city full of ugly, boring soviet era buildings out of the water!


    • That was my concept too – an industrial city. What I found had more of the feel of a medieval trading city: granaries, the crane, the Motława, Artus Court, despite later layers and tourism.


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