Going shopping 






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A retired Australian who spends a lot of time in Warsaw, and blogs as a way of life.
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17 Responses to Going shopping 

  1. restlessjo says:

    Gorgeous Meg! Nothing like a European Spring is there? XX


  2. Sue says:

    Well, you filled your basket with some lovely images of Spring, Meg!


  3. Rosemary Barnard says:

    Can it get any better? You just keep on delighting. Simply gorgeous photos Meg.


  4. pommepal says:

    Every post sees an increase in blossom. Delightful…


  5. Heyjude says:

    So many! And cherry blossom. Icing on the cake so’s to speak. Love your love of an European spring and Warsaw is overflowing it would appear.

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  6. Lucid Gypsy says:

    All this loveliness must make shopping worth the effort. Actually I’d like to see what grocery shopping or a market is like in Warsaw.


  7. quollgirl says:

    It’s insanely lush, just as we start to edge towards frost. You really went at the right time of year. I love hearing about Maja’s continuing encounters with puppies. One of the funniest things I ever saw was a young ridgeback coming out of nowhere and licking her when she was having a tantrum. I have never seen anyone move so fast.


  8. How lovely to see Warsaw in bloom! I haven’t experience a northern hemisphere spring since 2012 and this is making me homesick. Still, we are enjoying a very temperate fall in Sydney, so I can not complain. Beautiful images.


  9. Suzy Barker says:

    Beautiful springtime images – my favourite time of year without doubt.


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