One month in Warsaw (13 March – 10th April)

Let’s see. How can I encapsulate the month? First of all a bit of familiar Warsaw maths: subtract the time I’m unavailable to the outside world because I’m begermed. That’d be 10 days. As my friend Rosemary pointed out “at least you don’t have to worry about losing precious time to bed rest as you have more than 11 months up your very long sleeve of this extended stay.” Still, I don’t have to like it. 

So we’re established. Now for the many pleasures of this unexpected migration.

The twins: They’re at the top of the list as they ride their bikes, read books, giggle, imitate, play inventive games with toys and words, make themselves at home in our apartment, refuse to go to sleep till 11 on a so-called sleepover, fight over the tractor, pretend they’re going to the Stralia, demonstrate very strong preferences, plant bean seeds, and generally delight.


A Polish Easter with family: The blessing of the baskets, the ritual eating of a slice of the blessed egg, food in mountains, warm welcome, exchange of gifts (a hip flask for each dziadek!), and grins as a substitute for comprehension.

Preschool: We walk through the park to preschool (when we’re healthy enough) and are slowly learning the rituals, although we both fluster talking to the intercom to liberate Maja and Jaś at 3.30. The few times we’ve collected them in the afternoon by ourselves, the walk home can take up to two hours when it’s combined with beetle and dog watching, stick-and-worm-cast collecting, bun eating, and occasional horizontal resistance to everything.


Spring: When we arrived the trees were bare, and there was even a light fall of snow. Pani Wiosna has made a grand entrance panoplied in blossom, bud and leaf and, occasionally, clothed in  warmer weather and sunshine. She demands lyrical obeisance, which I’m happy to provide. But she also demands the naming of parts. That’s a lot more exacting. Fortunately J is a devoted acolyte.


A ramble round the Old Town: This does not lose its charm with repetition, and even holds surprises.


And finally, my two favourite photos.


Meanwhile, back home: one son swims with dolphins; the other son finds a quoll and an endangered fish on his block of land; my Australian daughter absconds from Facebook; my most beloved senior grandson relishes high school; my most beloved senior granddaughter worries because her assignments are always in early; two friends go to the incomparable Four Winds festival at Bermagui; one of my oldest friends leaves this world in a glorious celebration of his life; another friend has surgery where I could have been useful had I been closer; yet another friend is hoping to come to Poland in September.

About morselsandscraps

A retired Australian who spends a lot of time in Warsaw, and blogs as a way of life.
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19 Responses to One month in Warsaw (13 March – 10th April)

  1. Tish Farrell says:

    A splendid round-up. I can’t believe you’ve been there a month already. And the twins in their niches – so sweet!


  2. Heyjude says:

    What a lovely way to take stock of your month, it is flying by! So much to capture in your new world. All so very different from the one you have temporarily left behind.


  3. Sue says:

    Love this round-up, Meg…most interesting and enthusiastic! Are you no longer begermed?


    • Germs haven’t entirely vacated, but they’re losing power – and about time. I’m glad you like the round-up. I left out the sobbing-with-homesickness bits (one bout, early on), and the inanity I feel when I’m surrounded by Polish and trying to look engaged

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sue says:

        Glad to hear the germs have almost abated – mine took about 3 weeks. The homesickness is sad, but perfectly understandable, I do think you are brave doing 12 months! But you do have your husband and daughter and son-in law…. And 12 months will zoom past.
        When I moved home, I considered going to a completely new area, but friends were horrified – they said I needed my support network and they were quite right, I was coming to that conclusion myself.


  4. Lucid Gypsy says:

    This is the best of blogging, recording a wonderful year in your life and sharing it with lucky friends like me 🙂


    • When I started blogging I didn’t really think of friends like you – it was just an extension of my diary habit (my son told me once that I suffered from multiple diary disorder), and a personal record. But I love having friendships and an audience as well.

      And I just realised you don’t show up in my “community” images. Nor does Jo. Why is that?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lucid Gypsy says:

        Oh I don’t know, I see you have ten faces, perhaps they are the most frequent or recent visitors and you have ten set as a maximum?
        I forgot to say the photo of the twins in the little arches is fab, so cute. They’re getting tall aren’t they?


  5. pommepal says:

    I can’t believe a month has gone by so quickly, and that reminds me that we have been upstairs a month now as we moved up the same time you left. One of the very best things about blogging is the visual record and a good record of the seasons and how your 2 twinlets will shoot up like spring sprouts during your year with them. The other good thing is the connections made with blogging buddies.


  6. Sounds like the first month has been a wonderful whirlwind but I can appreciate that you are also missing family from home. Love the images – especially of the beautiful old town. I traveled to Warsaw in 1999 and was immediately transported back to that time.


  7. viveka says:

    Love to share your April with you. The spring looks the same there as here. *smile

    Liked by 1 person

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